Kier is one of the largest contractors in the UK, managing billions of pounds of contracts. They operate in multiple different verticals to deliver essential infrastructure in the UK. They use SkillGuard across a variety of sectors, including rail, highways and utilities and they use CourseSight to make use of their surplus training capacity.


Kier and Highways Passport
"We believe the Passport scheme will improve standards within the industry and help those who work within it feel professionally qualified and, in turn, part of a project that’s bigger than any one contractor.
The opportunities for efficiencies are enormous:
  •  Reduction of admin time
  • Reduce the need for multiple copies of records
  • Ensure competencies are shared, and the supply chain don’t have to duplicate training, toolbox talks and
  • Increase communications with the operative workforce
  • Decrease time spent on investigations as records are readily available."

Scott Cooper, Managing Director, Kier Highways

Kier Highways use Highways Passport across their entire highways workforce, including their National Highways contracts, local authority contracts and in their ancillary businesses. This includes major projects, operations and their design workforce. 97% of their teams on the network have a Passport card.

Kier's Use of SkillGuard Across Other Industries

Kier workers are on both the Sentinel system and the HS2 Safety Passport. Sentinel covers the entirety of the UK rail workforce whilst HS2 Safety Passport is used for all workers operating on an HS2 site or project. 


Kier has three different businesses that work with Thames Water and their workers all carry the Thames Water Safety Passport. 

Kier and CourseSight

Kier uses CourseSight to sell surplus capacity of accredited training to its supply chain and the general industry, increasing the profitability of courses and ensuring quality training provision is available to sub-contractors.  


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